The Minco Group, consisting of Minco Tool and Mold, Inc., and All Service Plastic Molding, Inc. (ASPM), is located in Dayton, Ohio, USA. For 50 years, The Minco Group has supplied ever-increasing services to the plastic's industry, ranging from product design through assembly. The markets served include automotive, consumer, electrical, medical, office and business equipment, and telecommunications. Customers include Fortune 500 companies, large automotive suppliers, Japanese transplants, and small entrepreneurs with products and vision to change the marketplace. The Minco Group employs over 500 people.

During the early eighties, many changes took place within our corporation. We became heavily involved in CAD/CAM. Today we work in a dimensionless environment, with forty plus seats utilizing Unigraphics NX9 software, Dell hardware, and three seats of Pro E Creo 2. Our proven methods allow for cavity-to-cavity reproduction without variability; consequently, interchangeability of product and the elimination of selective assembly translates into superior overall value for our customers.

  The organization also began, and continues today, to operate around the clock in all areas, including Design/Engineering. We also substantially expanded our molding capabilities at that time. We now have 84 presses, ranging from 50-tons of clamp pressure to 1100-tons.

Our goal for the new millennium is to continue improving quality while decreasing time, and providing the best value for our customers. Our successful support of Early Supplier Involvement plays a critical role in this strategy. ESI provides the means to significantly enhance quality and reduce lead time. Our focus on design-for-manufacturability reduces the subsequent need for costly and time-consuming changes, not only during tooling, but throughout all stages of the manufacturing process. By working together closely with our customers and suppliers, we can leverage our combined strengths to better accomplish the task of successfully bringing a product to market. the result is greater overall value for all, including the consumer.

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