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Minco Tool and Mold Testimonials

I would encourage anyone to work with The Minco Group when it comes to precision tooling.  I have had the pleasure of working with The Minco Group for the past 8 years.  In that timeframe they have built over 100 tools for me.  I have yet to be let down from a quality, delivery or project management standpoint.  We have many options to purchase our tooling from other companies, but Minco is our single source supplier because they deliver every time.  In our business, time to market is critical and re-loops on tooling are not an option.  Minco has taken the time to understand our business model and adapted to a high speed, low cost, precision market.

There is no better option than these guys . . . I have looked!

– Mike W. (Consumer Products)

When asked what manufacturing plant stands head and shoulders above the rest, Minco is the industrial plant that I would recommend should be bench marked.  The management team is experienced, and the manufactured components are world class.

– Herman R. (Automotive)