a tradition of excellence



You can see our expertise in every step in the moldmaking process. We offer complete project management for all levels of your program. Our 24-hour operation accelerates deliveries and ensures a solid timeline to success.

We start scouring the original design data. If needed, our product design department can help you take the next step in designing for manufacturing. The design is where it starts, and provides the seed for a successful program. We optimize the design for manufacturing, while keeping in mind the needs of the customer and the performance of the part.

Our well-trained design group has the latest software, powerful work centers (Siemens NX) and a complete system to ensure a solid design. Before we release any design for machining, it is reviewed by a multi-function team to ensure a smooth flow to a durable mold.

When looking at our precision machining, we put everything we can in preserving the integrity of the base material (normally steel). We use the latest cutter technology, high-speed machines and optimized programming software.

With our emphasis and improved cycle times and part quality, we use a modern gun drill, capable of optimizing the part cooling, without causing long-term repair issues.

Finally, we can trial our mold in our 82 injection molding machine facility. If you want us to do the molding, we work with ASPM for a successful transition to production. If you run the mold at your facility, or another molder, we will give you complete support through the project launch.

With 100 skilled employees, and the latest technology, we can offer our customer accelerated deliveries. All while building a mold that excels in meeting your production demands.