a tradition of excellence



Minco Group 1954

  • Robert and William Minneman founded Minco Tool and Mold in the basement of their home.
  • Began with a Bridgeport, Grinder and Lathe


Minco Group 1959

  • Moved from their home to 4600 Poe (now Wadsworth Ave.) in Dayton, Ohio. Approx 8,000 sq ft and grew to around 15 employees
  • Developed relationship with Inland Mfg. while building roof rails for automobiles


Minco Group 1968

  • MTM Molded Products branched off from Minco Tool to form their own injection molding company and began making gun scope caps and later marketed under the MTM Case Gard line


  • MTM Molded Products opened a new location at 5670 Webster St. in Dayton, Ohio


  • Minco Tool and Mold broke ground on the property right next to MTM located at 5690 Webster St. in Dayton, Ohio


  • Minco Tool and Mold was completed in the early spring
  • Building was 16,000 sq ft


  • Minco Tool started a 2nd shift in both the tool shop and the polishing department to better serve the customer’s needs


Minco Group 1982

  • Minco Tool added their first NC Milling Machine (Bostomatic). Ran from a tape that was punched using a computer


Minco Group 1984

  • Minco Tool adjoined the former MTM building and opened a “High Technology Center” and held grand opening May 11, 1984. Featured a state of the art Data General MV10000 Computer Design Center
  • Minco purchased an 85 ton Engle molding machine in order to begin molding for IBM Corporation in Lexington Ky. (Started molding printhead components)
  • Property at 3365 Obco Ct. containing 10,000 sq ft was purchased for use as a molding facility. All Service Plastic Molding (ASPM) became incorporated in November


  • ASPM purchased 5 Toshiba Hydraulic Molding Machines (60, 120, 250, 310 & 500 ton).
  • Minco Tool and Mold and All Service Plastic Molding joined forces in a marketing campaign that formed “The Minco Group”


  • ASPM put on an 11,000 sq ft addition and added a 720 ton Toshiba in the new addition


Minco Group 1988

  • 3000 sq ft of office space was added to the front of ASPM



  • Added product design capabilities


  • ASPM opened up a molding facility and warehouse in Clay City, KY to better serve the needs of the customer. The printer cartridge components were moved to this facility to support production of a nearby assembly plant
  • Minco became ISO9001 certified
  • ASPM became QS9000 certified


  • ASPM began taking on more complex decorating applications and more value added assembly programs
  • Minco Tool and Mold added Job Boss Management Software for tracking progress on mold building and machining applications



  • Robert Minneman appoints his son Joe Minneman as president of the Minco Group.
  • On June 19, 2004 the Minco Group lost its founder, Robert D. Minneman
  • Minco Tool and Mold installed first 5 axis CNC machine in December


  • Went live in December with Enterprise IQ (aka IQMS) with new ERP System at ASPM and added a complete Warehouse Management System complete with full bar coding capabilities
  • ASPM installed their first all electric plastic injection molding machine


  • ASPM expanded its operations by opening up a plastic injection molding facility and warehouse in Fairborn, Ohio (611 Yellow Springs – Fairfield Dr.)



  • ASPM broke ground on their new 142,000 sq ft facility located in Vandalia, Ohio


  • The Robert Minneman Family dedicated the new Vandalia, OH ASPM facility on June 19, 2012
  • The first machine (1100 ton UBE) was delivered to the ASPM Vandalia site
  • ASPM broke ground on a 60,000 sq ft warehouse addition to Vandalia facility in November


  • ASPM completed the consolidation of all manufacturing and warehousing into the new Vandalia facility


  • ASPM purchased its first 6 axis robot. The KUKA Robot features an “ASPM Modular Mount Design” utilizing a max. reach of 901 mm with a payload capacity of 10kg



  • In January 2016, All Service Plastic Molding installs first 3D printer
  • In May  2016, ASPM began preparation on another production facility in the Dayton, Ohio region to service growing capacity.