Minco Tool and Mold

Domestic & Global Tooling & Molding Capabilities

The Minco Tool and Mold Difference

Minco Tool and Mold, Inc is home to over 60 years of quality craftsmanship in injection mold making, tooling, and manufacturing. We offer complete plastic product management support for domestic and global injection mold builds. The breadth of our expertise and continuous investment in the latest technology allows us to build injection molds for complex parts in a variety of markets

Product Design

Your project will be supported by a complete project management staff from the very beginning. To assist in the development and design of your project, our highly trained engineers utilize a number of programs for integrated 3D designs:

  • 30+ Seats of Siemens NX
  • Latest Versions of CATIA and PRO-E (multiple translations)
  • VERICUT CNC Proofing Software

Mold Design & Manufacturing

Since 1954, we’ve been perfecting our mold design process to promote increased production capacity and uptime. Our tradition of excellence is grounded in a rigorous design and manufacturing process:

  • Utilize Moldflow® Adviser to ensure plastic injection mold durability and performance
  • Tooling by experienced machinists from a state qualified apprenticeship program

Product Qualification

Minco Tool and Mold, Inc. conducts a formal product qualification process to ensure correct mold flow and plastic product specifications:

  • Operate a number of spotting presses to ensure mold quality and durability
  • Ability to test short-run production of your mold on one of our over 90 injection molding presses at All Service Plastic Molding, Inc

EC’s, Mold Repair, and Refurbishment

Time is of the essence when your injection mold needs repairing. Our staff is equipped to handle your tight turnaround times to get your production back up and running. We also specialize in routine and preventative mold maintenance to minimize your downtime and unexpected damage. Think your mold is beyond repair? We specialize in reverse engineering and extensive rework on damaged injection molds.

Beyond Repair and Back Again

Precision Machining

Our tooling facility is home to the latest in CNC milling and EDM machines. View a complete list (link to MTM Equipment page) of our CNC equipment for a comprehensive overview of our precision machining capabilities. Our 24-hour operation allows for a flexible schedule for fast production times and outputs.

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Need Fast Turnaround?

Contact the Minco team to quote your custom project in our 24-hour facility.