a tradition of excellence


The Minco Group offers exceptional expertise in the manufacturing of parts and components that require, and must be constructed, to an exact specification.

With our 24-7 operation, and a dozen high-precision CNC machines, coupled with over 60 years of knowledge and experience, Minco Tool and Mold can assist you with your 3D machining needs. Minco machines 3D complex surfaces utilizing high speed mills (no lathes/round work).

You can also look to Minco for any deep-hole drilling applications. We have one of the most versatile gun drill machines in the U.S.

With our experience in machining different types of steels including non-ferrous materials, and even plastic, we meet the needs of diverse industries. We currently serve military, aerospace, medical, energy, automotive, appliance and material handling industries. We would be glad to discuss your needs.